Who is Harry Hartog 2015 Creative Writing Competition


Who is Harry Hartog Creative Writing Competition
Winners and Meritorious Entries

A large amount of entries across all the categories were received, and we are very appreciative to every single person that entered.

The entries for the winners and Meritorious entries will be available to view online next Friday 5 June.

A big thanks to everyone for their patience with the announcements. 

We look forward to seeing your stories when we hold this competition next year.

8 Years and Under

Rowan Taylor - 'Harry Hartog' (Winner)

Sylvia Hemmings - 'Who is Harry Hartog?'

Sophie Harris - 'Harry Worthog'

Amelia Miller - 'Harry Hartog'

Abigail van Ballegooyen - 'Who is Harry Hartog?'

Samson Kelly - 'Harry, Bill and John'

Jaiden Smith - 'Harry Harrtog's Horrible Hisstory'

9 to 12 Years

Ellen Vahey - 'The Story of the Book' (Winner)

Elliott Lee - 'The Pen of the Future'

Lily Campbell - 'Brothers United'

Owen MacDonald - 'Harry Hartog and the Skateboard Adventure'

Sophie Green - 'Harry Hartog'

13 to 16 Years

Sally Pritchard - 'Harriet' (Winner)

Grace Carey - 'Average Who is Harry Hartog?'

Chloe Ottaviano - 'You Are What you Eat'

Thalia Greinke - 'The Steam Kraken'

Sara Warner - 'The Storm that Stole the Heart of Hartog Manor'


Sharon Traucki - 'Who is Harry Hartog?' (Winner) 

Emma Fuller - 'The Last Straw'

Jenny Hanson - 'The Fractured Life of Harry Hartog'

Judith LaPorte - 'The More Places You'll Go'

Katherine Quinn - 'Who is Harry Hartog?'

Leonie Mac Donald - 'Violets are Blue'

Luca Lombardo - 'Harry Hartog the Demon Hunter'

Madeleine Blackmore - 'The Very Same Harry Hartog'

Natalie Truong - 'With Love HH'

Pam Garfoot - 'Who is Harry Hartog Here's My Guess'


Our Judges:

8 years and under - Tony Flowers

Tony is a passionate illustrator with a love of the absurd and the silly. Tony and author Nick Falk are responsible for the ‘Saurus Street’ and the ‘Billy is a Dragon’ series, which have received positive reviews from Speech Pathology Australia and educators of early and reluctant readers. The highly illustrated and engaging illustrations help children to continue to turn pages and continue to read. Tony has filled pages with vegetable smashing tyrannosauruses; time travelling triceratops and kung-fu fighting worms. Not content with these creations, he has created armies of chickens, adventurous dragons, sneaky werewolves and dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Further information @ http://flowersink.com.au/

Ages 9 - 12 - Irma Gold

Irma Gold is an award-winning writer and editor of books for adults and children. She is the author of three picture books, most recently Megumi and the Bear (Walker Books), described by Kids' Book Review as 'a divinely sweet story about friendship and the power of hope'Irma's short fiction has been widely published in journals and anthologies, and her critically acclaimed debut collection of short fiction, Two Steps Forward, was shortlisted for or won a number of awards. Irma is Convener of Editing at the University of Canberra, and is the commissioning editor of a number of anthologies, including The Invisible Thread, an official National Year of Reading book. She lives in Canberra with her husband and three young children, and is passionate about literacy and getting kids hooked on reading.

Further Information @ http://www.irmagold.com/

Ages 13 - 16 - Rebecca James

Rebecca James is the author of young adult titles BEAUTIFUL MALICE, SWEET DAMAGE and her most celebrated release to date COOPER BARTHOLOMEW IS DEAD.

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article on 23 October 2009 asking whether James could be 'The Next JK Rowling.' It also said, of Beautiful Malice, that it 'isn't merely to be published, but has become a publishing phenomenon that is sparking an aggressive bidding war worldwide.'

Further Information @ http://rebeccajameslollygag.blogspot.com.au/

Open - Scott Baker

Scott Baker is a writer and film-maker who has recently returned from middle earth, working with Peter Jackson on his epic trilogy - ‘The Hobbit.

‘The Rule of Knowledge’ is Scott’s first novel. He is currently working on the development of two feature films and his second novel.

Further Information @ http://www.ruleofknowledge.com/