Researcher and storyteller Brene Brown is a self development guru and an expert on the link between emotion, thought and behaviour. Ultimately, her message is about learning to live a wholehearted life by being vulnerable, daring greatly and making connections.

Her strategies have helped me to identify how I'm actually feeling in times of great stress and sadness and unpick the seams of struggle. Where previously I may have reacted impulsively, Brown has taught me to slow down, acknowledge my feelings and get to the bottom of where my responses come from. Sometimes changing our behaviour to improve our lives and the lives of the people we love takes time and work. But the beauty of Brene Brown is that thework feels like an absolute blessing, and digging through the difficultyy leads you back to yourself. I love her and I love her books, and I love that her strategies have been developed in response to research and data based on the lived experiences of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

My favourite piece of wisdom from Brene: “Don't shrink. Don't puff up. Just let yourself be seen.”