Tokyo Geek's Guide

Manga, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Toys, Idols & More

Gianni Simone

Format: Paperback
ISBN13: 9784805313855
Published: July 2017

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Tokyo is ground zero for Japan's popular "Geek" or otaku culture-a phenomenon that has now swept across the globe.

This is the most comprehensive guide ever produced to Tokyo's geeky underworld. It provides a comprehensive run-down on each major Tokyo district where geeks congregate, shop, play and hangout-from hi-tech Akihabara and trendy Harajuku to newer and lesser-known haunts like chic Shimo-Kita and working-class Ikebukuro.

Dozens of iconic shops, restaurants, cafes and clubs in each area are described in loving detail with precise directions how to get to each location. Maps, URLs, opening hours and over 400 fascinating color photographs bring you around Tokyo on an unforgettable trip to the centers of Japanese manga, anime and geek culture. Interviews with local otaku experts and street people let you see the world from their perspective and provide insights on what is currently happening in Tokyo now which will eventually impact the rest of the world!

Japan's geek culture in its myriad forms is more popular today than ever before-with Japanese manga filling every bookstore; anime cartoons on TV; transformer toys and video games like Pokemon Go played by tens of millions of people. Swarms of visitors come to Tokyo each year on a personal quest to soak in all the otaku-related sights and enjoy Japanese manga, anime, gaming and idol culture at its very source. This is the book they have to get!

"Overall, the Tokyo Geek's Guide is worth the purchase. ...this is a solid entry into checking out the geekier aspects of Tokyo, and a strong debut for Simone. As the popularity of Japanese pop culture continues to grow overseas, the Tokyo Geek's Guide will serve as the ultimate gateway to expand otaku culture into future generations of fans wanting to see the imagination that makes it the force it is today."-Tony Yao, yatta tachi. See the review here.

`"The pages are as easy to digest as a comic book thanks to the plethora of candy-colored photos, and the nuggets of information in the text are easy to assimilate. From the fannish pilgrimage hotspots of Akihabara and Nakano to less well-known areas like Koiwa and Hachioji, Simone has suggestions for what you must see and do, a guide to costs, and detailed descriptions of exactly how to get there. Highly recommended for first-time visitors, it may also surprise regular Tokyo hands with a few places they've missed." - Helen McCarthy, All the Anime. See the review here

"Many people have probably developed an interest in Japan through a deep affection for anime and manga (among other things). And with Tokyo being the obvious center of Japanese pop culture, this guide created by Gianni Simone serves as the perfect tool for otaku freaks to find heaven.Tokyo Geek's Guide basically resembles a travel guide as it contains tidbits about where to explore otaku culture (such as bookshops, stores, events and even eateries-anime-themed ones are abundant in Tokyo). But you don't have to be planning a trip to the capital to benefit from the book, though. Simone includes plenty of information pertaining to the history of manga, anime and video games in Japan." JQ Magazine


  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN13: 9784805313855
  • Published: July 2017
  • Publisher: Tuttle Shokai Inc
  • Number of pages: 144
  • Width (mm): 191
  • Height (mm): 254
  • Depth (mm): Not specified
  • Weight (g): Not specified


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