Surely Youre Joking Mr Fe

Feynman Richard P

Format: Paperback
ISBN13: 9780099173311
Published: January 1993

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"Winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965, Richard Feynman was one of the world's greatest theoretical physicists, but he was also a man who fell, often jumped, into adventure. An artist, safecracker, practical joker and storyteller, Feynman's life was a series of combustible combinations made possible by his unique mixture of high intelligence, unquenchable curiosity and eternal scepticism. Over a period of years, Feynman's conversations with his friend Ralph Leighton were first taped and then set down as they appear here, little changed from their spoken form, giving a wise, funny, passionate and totally honest self-portrait of one of the greatest men of our age."


  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN13: 9780099173311
  • Published: January 1993
  • Number of pages: 352
  • Width: 13.2 mm
  • Height: 2.2 mm
  • Depth: 19.4 mm
  • Publisher: not specified


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