Gulliver's Travels


Format: Hardback
ISBN13: 9788854411845
Published: December 2017

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The misadventures of Lemuel Gulliver certainly are extraordinary. First he is shipwrecked in a strange land, and finds himself a prisoner of the tiny inhabitants of Lilliput. Then he washes up in Brobdingnag, where the people are giants of extraordinary proportions. Further exploits see him stranded with the scientists and philosophers of Laputa, and meeting a race of talking horses who rule over bestial humans.

One of the finest satires, Gulliver�s Travels delights in the mockery of everything from government to religion and - despite the passing of nearly three centuries - remains just as funny and relevant today.

This gorgeous Macmillan Collector�s Library edition features the beautiful artwork of the celebrated English illustrator Arthur Rackham, and an afterword by Henry Hitchings.

  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN13: 9788854411845
  • Published: December 2017
  • Number of pages: 96
  • Width: 8.875 mm
  • Height: not specified
  • Depth: 11.75 mm
  • Publisher:not specified


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