Darkside Zodiac


Format: Paperback
ISBN13: 9781782403661
Published: April 2016

Price: $19.99

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Before you buy, look at the title on the cover. What does it say? Darkside. That means you are going to be reading some wince-making stuff about yourself. There are no jolly Brightside platitudes, because there is enough of that kind of thing in the world and every silver lining must have its cloud. You have been warned; anybody who is but a fragile blossom blown by life's maelstrom had better put the book down now! Turn to The Darkside Zodiac any time you're feeling dark or when your partner, friends, co-workers, kids, boss or anyone else annoys you. You'll find solace in the fact that not everyone is perfect in love, work or daily life. 


  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN13: 9781782403661
  • Published: April 2016
  • Number of pages: 400
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Height: not specified
  • Depth: 19 mm
  • Publisher: not specified


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