Their Fractured Light by Meagan Spooner

Claire - HH Woden Staff

I eagerly awaited this conclusion to a wonderful trilogy and I was not disappointed.
Their Fractured Light was the perfect conclusion to an amazing story that journeys across the universe.
In this third and final novel we are introduced to Gideon and Sofia. They are completely different to the previous two duos and they round off the group perfectly.
Gideon is an underworld hacker, the best in the business while Sofia is a charming con artist.
The two may not be fighting on opposite sides of a war or have some of the other prejudices the other duos had to deal with but  somehow the lies and mistrust between these two seems harder to overcome.
Their Fractured Light is the best possible ending to an exciting, brilliantly written trilogy.
With all three stories colliding together this novel is full of action packed adventure and you will not be able to put it down!