Newt's Emerald by Garth Nix

Abby - HH Bondi Staff

An absolutely delightful read! This is definitely for those who like a little mystery, a thrilling chase and a bit of romance all in the one!

Lady Truthful Newington is on the hunt after her family Emerald has been stolen! She makes her way to London to stay with her Aunt but quickly learns that she has to don a disguise to get any answers. Dressed as a distant French relation, Truthful adopts the personality of Chevalier Henri de Vienne. Meeting Major Harnett, the chase for the gem starts.  

Full of action and excitment Newt's Emerald is just a pleasure to read! Full of wonderful vocab that may have you grabbing at your dictionary, you delve straight into the world of propriety long lost in our society today. A great read for those little ones wanting a challenge!

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