Everyday by David Levithan

Ruby - Work Experience Woden

 David Levithan's novel 'Everyday' follows the story of an adolescent boy who is given the mysterious power to inhabit the body of a random person and their life, everyday. The novel focuses on a particular day in which 'A' finds himself in the body of a greatly disrespectful boyfriend, then using this opportunity to treat his girlfriend the way she truly deserves to be treated. 'A' thus finds himself hopelessly in love with this girl, but from then on is deprived of any opportunity that would allow him the same position to save her from such a relationship.


Levithan's tale of forbidden love invite the reader to experience these heart-wrenching emotions of 'A', but also force the reader to appreciate the range of difficulties faced by each very different life 'A' inhabits. Amongst these themes of empathy that Levithan introduces, the ways which 'A' finds to see this girl introduce a fascinating, yet relatable depiction of the 'small world' phenomena in which we all experience. For readers that enjoy such ideas, David Levithan's 'Everyday' is recommended! :)

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