Adult Fantasy by Briohny Doyle


Briohny Doyle turned thirty without a clear idea of what her adult life should look like… sound familiar?!

Adult Fantasy is a fantastic, highly relatable book that blends cultural critique with personal essay. Doyle shares her intensive research of sociocultural trends in the Western world’s view of what it means to be an “adult”, as well as her personal experience trying to get into the property market, debating whether she wants to have kids (and whether it’s socially acceptable to admit that maybe you don’t want kids!), and struggling to find full-time work in the creative industries. The chapters cover such “adult” milestones as education, buying property, career goals, marriage, childrearing, etc, and paint a picture of what society expects of people transitioning through that murky stage between adolescence and adulthood. The perennial question at the heart of the book being whether we really *need* to jump through those hoops to come out the other side a fully-fledged grown-up. The jury is still out.

I can’t stress how relatable this book is and I’ve passed it on to so many of my friends between the ages of 22 and 32, who are struggling with the ‘big questions’ and wondering that they should be doing with their lives. I wouldn’t say Adult Fantasy has the answers, but it offers a big, warm hug as if to say, ‘I feel you. I understand.’

The description on the front of the book reads: ‘searching for true maturity in an age of mortgages, marriages, and other adult milestones’ – really, I couldn’t sum it up better than that!